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5 Simple Steps for Cleaning a Coffee Maker

March 1, 2013 by drewloupsen  
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Coffee fans are incredibly particular about the quality of the coffee they drink. It’s basically their passion. As such, they search for ways to ensure they get to enjoy a great cup of joe every time they want to. This is why they invest in a high quality coffeemaker.

In order to safeguard and look after their purchase, they have to properly maintain it. This implies cleaning it appropriately. For those who wish to know more, allow me to share 5 basic steps for cleaning a single serve coffeemaker like those of the Senseo Supreme as well as Keurig B70 review.

1. Employ paper filtration systems – modern coffee machines have a built in machine washable filter. Nevertheless, it’s strongly recommended that people use paper filtration systems in conjunction with the built in filter. This way, the built in filter will never be stained too much by the coffee granules. Paper filters additionally ensure that all the used coffee granules are taken out of the machine.

2. Disassemble the device – after taking out the paper filters, the machine should be taken apart properly. Dismantling the machine is simple. One should first remove the device from the power wall socket. Next the filters should be removed along with the percolator for coffee. Once taken apart, the machine needs to cleaned with a somewhat damp rag.

3. Soak with tepid to warm water – the built in filter assembly and the percolator should be placed in a tub of tepid to warm water. This removes any oils and effectively conditions them for soaping. One must be sure that the water is just not too hot in case some of the parts are made from plastic material.

4. Work with a sponge and dishwashing soap – the parts should be soaped carefully utilizing a good clean sponge and high quality dishwashing soap. It’s best to handwash these parts as opposed to placing it in a dishwasher to get a better clean.

5. Rinse completely and dry – when all the parts are correctly soaped, they must be rinsed thoroughly with flowing water. Tap water of normal temperatures is the ultimate way to go about this. Once it’s rinsed, one only needs to hang the parts up to dry prior to placing it back in the coffeemaker.

Simply by regularly cleaning one’s single cup coffeemaker, they’ll be able to maintain it and make it last a long time. This allows them to enjoy good coffee regularly without having to spend lots of money to have their coffee from a coffeehouse. Regularly cleaning the coffeemaker safeguards one’s purchase properly.

Single serve coffee machines like the Keurig B70 review really can go a long way as long as you know how to properly maintain your unit. That’s the reason why it’s very important to make sure you clean them properly.


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